Mónica Sáiz

'All adults were once children, but only few of them remember.' - the Little Prince

A little about me

Native from the world, born in Barcelona.

Creativity is the engine of my life, it drags me to write, cook, develop, play music, imagine, compose.

Above all things I value my time, so I strive for saving as much as I can to spend it doing what I love. I love people, life, animals. Tea, Coffee, books, Chopin, electronic music, travelling, family, friends, people who smile, photography, shoes, Netflix, reading, learning. Every cheese is my favourite.

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Keen on cultures and diversity, I lived in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich and Berlin.
That's why I speak Spanish, Catalan and English, I study German and aim for French.


Development path

January 2016 - today

Berlin, Germany

Web. Animations. Frontend.

Role: Front-end and web developer in the Campaign Delivery team. Development of both short and long term campaigns for Zalando marketing teams. Responsible for bringing designs to live, working closely with the creative, content and marketing departments.

Tech stack:Focus on HTML5 CSS3 and Vanilla JS, ES5 and ES6. Cross browsing problem solving, Responsive design for main browsers and devices. Mobile first development. Strong focus on CSS animations and user interactions.

April 2014 - December 2015

Munich, Germany

Group ProsiebenSat.1


Role: Software Developer in the Front-end team in Maxdome. Constant collaboration with the Backend and Design teams.

Tech stack: PHP, JQuery Widgets for a new HTML5 video player. Specialised in HTML5 and CSS3. Cross browsing problem solving, Responsive design for main browsers and devices. Mobile first development.

August 2013 - April 2014

Munich, Germany

ProsiebenSat.1 Games

Ruby on Rails. Frontend.

Role: Ruby on Rails Developer in the tech department in ProsiebenSat1 Games

Tech stack: I worked as Ruby on Rails developer among a team of Senior developers, which made me push myself a lot and learn from genius minds as much as I could. Every day was a challenge and a huge learning. I also helped with tasks related to HTML5, CSS3, Cross browsing, Responsive design. Our team had a strong focus on SCRUM and agile processes.

February 2013 - July 2013

Barcelona, Spain


Ruby on Rails. Frontend.

Role: Ruby on Rails and Front-end developer

Tech stack: As a part of a scrum Front-end team, I was in charge of frontend tasks from our scrum board and learn a little Javascript on the way. My stay in the company was short because of a very good opportunity that arrived from Germany in which I jumped.

August 2011 - February 2013

Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

Ruby on Rails. Product.

Role and Tech stack: Being the first developer incorporation in a small startup, it gave me the possibility to work on many fields and touch and learn many technologies, as well as to grow on my Ruby on Rails skills. Migration of an old application from Ruby running in Sinatra to Ruby on Rails. Products definition and presentation of new ideas, hiring new members, SCRUM implementation in the team.

June 2009 - August 2011

Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

Group ODIGEO (Opodo and E-Dreams)

Frontend. Web.

Role and Tech stack: Introduction to J2SE, Struts, Hibernate. Developed my interest and love for the Web Development oriented to Responsive Design, HTML fluid implementations from Designs, and mobile first development.

January 2007 - April 2009

London, United Kingdom


Ruby on Rails. Team lead.

Role and Tech stack: Being the first developer incorporation and 3rd person in the company, it was a great chance to push myself to the limit of learning and development, both personal and professional. I self-trained myself in Ruby on Rails, build small internal applications on my own and had a big impact on the company. I was also involved in the business decisions, plannings and hiring, as well as in charge of a team of 5 in London and a team of 3 in Bordeaux, where I travelled often to train them. It was an amazing first job experience.

January 2006 - December 2006

Barcelona, Spain

UPC University

Internship: J2EE

My job as an intern in the university, I trained myself in J2SE and developed an web application for a construction company that the university had a contract with, in the faculty of Science and Materials.


Technical Engineering on Information Technology and Management

EUNCET (Barcelona), 2005-2006 promotion

High Education

Escola Pia (Barcelona), 2002-2003 promotion

Piano's specialty Musical Graduation

Conservatorio de Musica de Terrassa (Barcelona), 2005-2006 promotion


moni.sm (@) gmail (.) com